corporate id – final logo

logo final.png

when developing my final idea for this i used coffee ring mugs for the imagery and did marbling by hand , after this i then transferred it in to Photoshop when i cleaned up the lines and colours . overall im happy with my final design i think ti fits the brief well and uses the eco-twist that the company required .



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End of semester two

Its the end of semester 2 and looking back at where i started to where i am now the change is incredible , my skill set of the last semester has grew drastically as well as refining skills i had learnt previously . Though there has been times i was stressing at project this term iv now learnt better time management and knowing when to be fully focused on your work . Looking through my sketchbooks im overall happy with the work i have produced though i look forward in taking my skill set further and learning more .

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Exhibition board



including –

Exploratory media final print

Metal wire sculptures

Contextual studies – replica piece

Cluster of life drawing examples

My final exhibition piece has turned out very successfully. In particular I like my final print for exploratory media.





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logo three



orporate id – design 3


When reading the brief before starting my development process I did research for ecofriendly company’s  that all had circular or triangular shaped logos and as I had already produced a circular logo I wanted to experiment with triangles . When looking at triangles I took inspiration from tattoos where I then developed the forest theme .

When developing my idea I wanted to keep it monochromatic due to its imagery I felt color could be too busy within the design as well when it came to sixing the image down it would still be legible .

I mainly drew from had with this design however when it came to refining the design I used photoshop to clean up the lines however I feel through this process I lost the look I wanted from this design I fell its too simple and  doesn’t portray the eco friendly ” honest” feel I was going for to reflect the brief .

Though at first with the had rendered design I thought the design could have potential for a final piece however now im swaying away from it though I would like to work on it more to see if I can recover some detail I lost through using photoshop .

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logo tow


Corporate id – design 2


Design two was initial a mistake , It was developed from a font I was developing  for my previous design however I felt the text was far to bold and wouldn’t work with my design . After deciding to take this font on further into a design of its own I went on to make a Lino cut for the text .

With the Lino cut I felt I achieved a strong industrial looking type logo which had a slight border around the letters  with specks going through the design giving it an edgy  feel to it .

I’m not sure if this deign would be developed any further due to I feel although the design stands on its own and personally I enjoy I also feel that I have strayed away from the brief as in feel it’s less eco-friendly and more industrial .

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logo one



Design one –


When reading the brief for honest apparel I wanted to tie in imagery or at least give of the feeling of ecotivity which the company said they were looking for in the brief  . The idea originally for this design came from coffee rings that I saw on my desk that once developed became my initial shape , using this I added a select few colors such as green and yellow with the addition of black for text .When choosing my color  scheme I wanted to stick to nature or earth tones to keep with ” honest apparel’s ” eco agenda as well as staying within the brief guidelines so  using no more than four colors including black . As Honest Apparel asked also in their brief for a simple logo that ties in with the company’s eco twist, this is why I choose t keep the enclosed circular shape with text through the center .

My process for the development for this design was mainly perfecting the shape of the ring mark however after settling on a shape I then started experimenting with color.  through development I found myself using techniques such as marbling as well as using masking fluid .

I fell this design has definite  potential to go on and be developed further for my final logo design due to its modern look and eco coloring to tie in to  ” Honest Apparels ” eco twist .



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Sculpture Examples

Model making for final design –15591725_1527227983960929_1740370087_n


soap –




clay pot ( brest ashtray ) –



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