logo one



Design one –


When reading the brief for honest apparel I wanted to tie in imagery or at least give of the feeling of ecotivity which the company said they were looking for in the brief  . The idea originally for this design came from coffee rings that I saw on my desk that once developed became my initial shape , using this I added a select few colors such as green and yellow with the addition of black for text .When choosing my color  scheme I wanted to stick to nature or earth tones to keep with ” honest apparel’s ” eco agenda as well as staying within the brief guidelines so  using no more than four colors including black . As Honest Apparel asked also in their brief for a simple logo that ties in with the company’s eco twist, this is why I choose t keep the enclosed circular shape with text through the center .

My process for the development for this design was mainly perfecting the shape of the ring mark however after settling on a shape I then started experimenting with color.  through development I found myself using techniques such as marbling as well as using masking fluid .

I fell this design has definite  potential to go on and be developed further for my final logo design due to its modern look and eco coloring to tie in to  ” Honest Apparels ” eco twist .



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