logo three



orporate id – design 3


When reading the brief before starting my development process I did research for ecofriendly company’s  that all had circular or triangular shaped logos and as I had already produced a circular logo I wanted to experiment with triangles . When looking at triangles I took inspiration from tattoos where I then developed the forest theme .

When developing my idea I wanted to keep it monochromatic due to its imagery I felt color could be too busy within the design as well when it came to sixing the image down it would still be legible .

I mainly drew from had with this design however when it came to refining the design I used photoshop to clean up the lines however I feel through this process I lost the look I wanted from this design I fell its too simple and  doesn’t portray the eco friendly ” honest” feel I was going for to reflect the brief .

Though at first with the had rendered design I thought the design could have potential for a final piece however now im swaying away from it though I would like to work on it more to see if I can recover some detail I lost through using photoshop .

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