Illustration Examples


Paper cutting –



foil –




final design  layout –


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Printmaking examples

Example one of print – etching 




Example tow – relief print 



Example three – etching



Example four – collagraph



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touch up of barn


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Alasdair Gray

Alsadair Gray is a Scottish writer and artist , he is work combines themes such as realism , fantasy and science fiction he also uses typography in his work . Ive found by looking at Grays work in print that he does a lot of screenprints with mass amount of colour.

A selection of Grays prints were recently being displayed in the Trongate print studio where they also were published .


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Neville Brody

A London born designer whom studied at London college of printing where he was often condemned for being uncommercial , and gained some controversy when putting the queens head sideways on a postage stamp design in the late 70’s.

1980-1993 Brody worked as an art director for The face magazine where he gained a fair amount of attention . After his career with Face magazine he then broadened his offices throughout Europe after forming his own studios , through out Brody’s career he has also created over 20 font typefaces.


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Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst , an English artist known world-wide and the most prominent member of the Young British Artists who dominated the UK’s art scene in the 1990’s . Some may say Hirst is a controversial artist as in his piece ‘ the physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living ” which consists of a 14-ft tiger shark immersed in formaldehyde in a clear display case .


Personally I think Damien Hirst’s ”A Thousand Years (1990)” sculpture is by far the most intriguing of them all . It consists of a cow head in a clear glass display case being eaten by flies, as disturbing as it may appear  Hirst explains that this shows the cycle of life in a way people would normally view it , as the flies survive in the result of the cows death allowing them to breed and the life circle continues .


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Paula Scher

Paula Scher is a graphic designer and art educator she is also the first woman to be a principal at pentagram . Scher has worked for  many company’s in the advertising businesses designing everything from album covers and book jackets to typography which she is most known for .


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